Sightline Institute: Voting Reform Priorities in Oregon: Today’s good long read.

Sightline Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and communications center—a think tank—founded by Alan Durning in 1993. While focusing largely on sustainability, it also has an interest in researching Democracy reforms.

Kristin Eberhard is a Senior Researcher with Sightline Institute and lives in Portland.  Ms. Eberhard published the paper “Voting Reform Priorities in Oregon” on April 7, 2017;


If you are an Oregon resident or advocate excited by the energy around democracy
reform in the United States, you might be wondering what the easiest or most
impactful reform opportunities are close to home. Fortunately, Oregon is ripe
ground for voting reform. The state constitution specifically allows alternative and
proportional voting. Charter counties and charter cities have autonomy to make
changes without first seeking a change in state law. And all levels of government
make liberal use of the citizens’ initiative process.

Her paper examines changes such as:

  • Multi member Legislative districts
  • Unicameral Legislature
  • Adopting different voting systems such as Ranked Choice Voting
  • Eliminating or modifying closed Primary
  • Starting reforms at the local level

She examines how simple each reform could be to enact and the impact of the change.

If you believe, as I do, that voting and improving the way we elect people to office is a pre-requisite for any democracy reform, this is must reading.

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