Are Progressives no longer a force in Oregon (and the Oregon Democratic Party?)


Despite what you may see on Portlandia, it sure doesn’t seem like Oregon politics is all that progressive lately. An unending stream of corruption related news regarding Governor Kitzhaber and his fiance only add to the perception that perhaps Progressives in Oregon are “Over!”.

A quick rundown of some of the less than progressive things elected Oregon democrats have been up to recently.

  • Comcast is ghost writing letters for Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown
  • Oregon Legislators are taking money from tobacco companies
  • Senator Wyden is supporting Fast Track authority and the TPP, a modern day NAFTA living wage and workers rights killer.
  • Kitzhaber….where to begin. A special session of the Oregon Legislature that cut benefits to retirees, passed pro gmo legislation and a tax cut. And his administration is considering turning over public water to Nestle in the Gorge.
  • Ben Unger ( A-list Democrat, former member of Oregon House and now Executive Director of Progressive political powerhouse Our Oregon.) filed a challenge last summer against a “We the People” ballot initiative. The initiative called for a Constitutional Convention for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to overturn Citizens United.

 Are progressives just human shields for the pro-business Democrats in Oregon? Deployed to deflect any criticism or real examination of governance.

Plus there was a push by some of the bigger financial supporters of Oregon Democrats to pass the failed “Top Two” Primary initiative, which would have wiped third parties and independent candidates from Oregon elections.

All in all not a very progressive run. Seems they haven’t had a victory since the Fluoride election in Portland. Has the Pro-Corporate wing of the Oregon Democratic Party completely taken over? Just giving the left wing of it some lip service. You have to wonder how long they will stick around before they start to consider fight back or….gasp! joining the Greens or the Justice Party.


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