Voter Registration Trends

Changes in Oregon Voter registration for Oregon’s three major parties

The one month change in voter registration among the major parties shows the Independent Party with the most net gain in membership. This is a regular occurrence between election cycles as the Democratic and Republicans are not doing voter registration drives and there are no upcoming primary or general elections to motivate voters to join parties.

January 2019 shows the Independent Party was the only major party to gain members.

AFFILIATIONDec. ’18Jan. ’19+/-
Independent Party125,101125,447+ 346
Democratic976,409976,260– 149
Republican706,744706,393– 351

For the one year period ending January 2019, there is a marked increase in all parties, which is normal and expected when there is an election within the year. This past year, the Democratic Party gained more than twice as many members as the Republican Party while the Independent Party continues to do well in comparison to the Republican Party considering their relative resources. Here is how each party grew over the past year, and how they compare between themselves in attracting new voters.

AFFILIATIONOne year Growth% of new Growth

Most new voters – about 79,000 – who were registered during the last year remained non affiliated as they didn’t select a political party as part of the bifurcated motor voter process. But if those new non affiliated voters proportionally lean similar to those who did join a party, then it’s hard to see how the Republican Party regains majority status in the foreseeable future. And frankly, it would appear that should the Oregon GOP continue along it’s current path, it will be cementing perpetual Democratic supermajorities. If the recent past has been difficult for Oregon Republicans, these statistics offer little reason to hope for better.

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