Where do Oregon non partisan political junkies go today?


  • 37: The number of Oregon Catalyst (Republican lean) posts In March 2018 alone , so far.
  • 13: The number of Oregon Outpost (Independent lean) posts for 2018

Compare that to the Democratic leaning Blue Oregon blog. Once considered the king of Oregon political blogs

  • 46: The number of Blue Oregon (Democratic lean) Posts in the first six months of 2017
  • 5: The number of Blue Oregon posts the last six months of 2017
  • 4: The number Blue Oregon’s posts so far this year. (four years ago Blue Oregon would average about 20 posts per month)

Where are the blogs in Oregon that allow a forum to challenge orthodoxy, inform and allow debate? Are blogs “dead”? If there is a disinterest in the blog format, where did people who once provided content and comment to blogs go? They didn’t stop having opinions.  Has there been a strategic withdrawal by the powerful insiders to tamp down public debate by abandoning the blog or blog type form in favor of participating and supporting other media  that will just reinforce the message they want to convey?

What do you read and what media do you participate in? Is there a desire or maybe even a market for a “Firing Line” type programming. Either in online or broadcast form? (If you don’t know what Firing Line was, you need to check it out. William Buckley Jr.  debating/interviewing Noam Chomsky or Gore Vidal on his weekly OPB broadcast)



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