Oregon Legislators Who Took Money from Big Tobacco

Tobacco Money in Oregon

Tobacco Money in Oregon

Who is Altria Client Services?

Altria Client Services is part of Altria Group, Inc. though you might know them by their old name, Philip Morris Companies Inc. The people who brought you Marlboro, Benson & Hedges and Parliment cigarettes, plus Skoal dipping tobacco and not least of all the Marlboro Man. Get the full scoop on their corporate history on Wikipedia.

Altria Client Services is the “science” unit of Altria, because not enough science has been done on tobacco. They want to find better, healthier ways to sell you tobacco. Not like before when they sold you unhealthy, deadly tobacco. You have to agree to this statement before they will allow you to access the full site, “I understand that this site is intended for scientists and the public health and regulatory communities and I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.”
This is paragraph from the home page once you make it past lawyer speak at the front gate.
“Altria Group’s tobacco operating companies continue to seek ways to develop and to commercialize new tobacco product technologies that may reduce the health risks associated with current tobacco products, while continuing to offer adult tobacco consumers products that meet their taste expectations.”

Oregon Legislatures who took Contributions from Big Tobacco

Most of the donations discussed below took place in 2012 and 2013. The data comes from the Oregon Secretary of States website using the search term Altria

*Note – Dates are Transaction Dates, not Filing or Due dates.

Future PAC, House Builders took in a total of $10,000; 5k each time on 5/18/2012 and 10/25/2012.

Future PAC is run by the top two Democrats in the Oregon House of Representatives: Rep. Tina Kotek ( D – District 44/North & Northeast Portland –FB Page) Speaker of the House and Rep. Val Hoyle ( D – District 14/West Eugene, Junction City, Cheshire, and Alvadore – FB Page), the House Majority Leader.  Hoyle also took and additional $1000 via her personal campaign committee, Friends of Val Hoyle.

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC took $25,250 in donations; $11,000 on 5/18/2012 and $14,250 on 10/23/2012.

Promote Oregon Leadership PAC is controlled by Rep. Mike McLane ( R – District 55/Powell Butte – McLane’s Page on OregonHouseRepublicans.org/Promote Oregon Leadership)

According to Tobacco Free Oregon:

  • Tobacco use accounts for over 6,900 Oregon deaths
  • Tobacco use costs the State of Oregon over $2 billion dollars a year
  • Oregon has cut funding for tobacco control programs from $9.1 million annually in FY 2009 to $7.7 million in FY 2010

The Leadership Fund took $10,000 total; $5,000 on 5/18/2012 and $5,000 on 10/17/2012.

The Leadership Fund is a fund controlled by Republican State Senator Ted Ferrioli ( R – District 30/John Day – FB Page – Twitter ), the Minority Leader in the Oregon Senate. Senator Ferrioli  also received a $5,000 donation to his personal fundraising committee, Friends of Ted Ferrioli.

The Senate Democratic Leadership Fund took in $10,000 in 2012.

The Senate Democratic Leadership Fund is run by Senators Devlin, Rosenbaum and Courtney. Devlin took another $1,000 via his personal fundraising committee.
Courtney who took in another $13,000, donated directly to his personal campaign finance committee.

Notice the dates? Democrats and Republicans all getting checks within a couple of days of each other. Future PAC run by Democrats and the Leadership Fund run by Republican got checks on the same day, probably on what the lobbyist call “Check Writing Day”.

Double Dippers – Monsanto ( via the First Vote PAC) AND Big Tobacco

The politicians below took money from Altria and FirstVote PAC, one of several pro-Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO) dark money PAC’s.

According to a story published today in the Salem Statesman Journal, Promote Oregon Leadership PAC and The Leadership Fund took $9500 from pro-GMO companies. Most of the money came just before the recent Special Session of the Oregon Special Session, which passed pro-GMO legislation.

Democratic State Senator Betsy Johnson ( D – District 16/Scappoose – Her page on OregonSenateDemocrats.com) took $7,000 from tobacco, plus $1000 from Monsanto just before the 2013 Special Session that passed the Oregon version of the Monsanto Protection Act.

Jason Conger (R- Bend) actually hit a trifecta by taking money from Monsanto, Big Tobacco and Koch Industries. Conger took $1,000 from tobacco, $250 from Monsanto and $1,000 from Koch Industries. Conger just announced he is a candidate for U.S. Senate in the Republican Primary. If he wins he will face Democratic U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, who led a high-profile crusade against the Monsanto Protection Act passed by Congress in March of this year. Merkley’s attach ads practically write themselves….

Betty Komp  ( D – District 22/Woodburn – FB Page ) $250 from Monsanto and $1500 from Altair.

Arnie Roblan ( D – District 9/Coos Bay – FB Page / nice timeline image of him with Senator Wyden) $500 from Monsanto and $3000 from Big Tobacco.

Julie Parrish ( R – District 37/Tualatin/West Linn – FB Page) is another trifecta winner; $500 from Monsanto, $2000 from Big Tobacco and $1000 from Koch Industries.

AND…….Val Hoyle ( D – West Eugene and Junction City) took $500 from Monsanto in addition to the $1000 she took from tobacco AND in addition to the 10K she took as part of the Future PAC, House Builder Committee (Note: the other part of Future PAC is Tina Kotek ( D – N/NE Portland).

Not the Full List…

This is not a complete listing of politicians or PAC’s that received donations from Altria Client Services nor is it a full listing of donations from tobacco companies. It is just a sampling of those who took campaign contributions from one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. In all we found 16 Democratic politicians or Democratic aligned PAC’s and 41 Republican politicians or Republican aligned PAC’s that took contributions. Listed below are all the candidates/committees found in our particular search of the Oregon Secretary of States Campaign Financial Transactions database.

Boone for State Representative D
Committee to Elect Betsy Johnson D
Courtney, Peter, for State Senate D
Elect Betty Komp D
Friends for Floyd Prozanski D
Friends of Arnie Roblan D
Friends of Greg Matthews D
Friends of Lee Beyer D
Friends of Phil Barnhart D
Friends of Richard Devlin D
Friends of Val Hoyle D
Future PAC, House Builders( D Funnel Committee) D
Mike Schaufler for State Representative D
Peter Courtney for State Senate D
Sara Gelser for State Representative D
Senate Democratic Leadership Fund D
Alan Olsen for Oregon Senate Committee R
Boquist Leadership Fund R
Citizens for Jim Thompson R
Citizens for Jim Weidner R
Citizens to Elect Dennis Richardson R
Close Friends PAC(Betsy Close) R
Committee to Elect Doug Whitsett R
Committee to Elect Gene Whisnant R
Committee to Elect Jason Conger R
Committee to Elect Jeff Kruse R
Committee to Elect John E. Huffman R
Committee to Elect Mike McLane R
Committee to Elect Sal Esquivel R
Committee to Elect Wally Hicks R
Committee to Re-Elect Bob Jenson R
Committee to Re-Elect Greg Smith R
Friends of Bill Hansell R
Friends of Bill Kennemer R
Friends of Bruce Hanna R
Friends of Chuck Thomsen R
Friends of Fred Girod R
Friends of Herman Baertschiger R
Friends of Jackie Winters R
Friends of Julie Parrish R
Friends of Katie Eyre R
Friends of Kim Thatcher R
Friends of Mark Johnson R
Friends of Matt Wingard R
Friends of Patrick Sheehan R
Friends of Shawn Lindsay R
Friends of Ted Ferrioli R
Friends of Tim Freeman R
Friends of Vic Gilliam R
Friends of Vicki Berger R
Kevin Cameron for Oregon R
Larry George for State Senate R
Matt Wand for East County R
Promote Oregon Leadership PAC R
The Leadership Fund R
Tim Knopp for State Senate R
Wayne Krieger for State Representative R
Oregon Neighborhood Store Association Political Action Committee
Stop the Measure 50 Tax Hike


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