Oregon GOP voters fewer than non major party voters

Voter Reg. TrendsFor the first time ever in Oregon  as of February 28, 2014, a major party (Republican) has fewer registered members (657,794) than the total number of  non major party voters in Oregon (659,233). Previously referred to as the “Political Mendoza Line”.

The question about State financing  the nominating process of  private political clubs, when voters shut out of the primary process number more than one of the favored clubs, should be front and center in Salem. And to her credit Secretary of State Brown did convene a meeting of minor party leaders to brainstorm how the State could, given the current electoral laws, assist minor parties in their nomination process.

Here are voter registration statistics for January 2014 and February 2014. This is not good news for the Democratic or Republican Parties.


Party_______Jan, 2014_________ February 2014       _______+/-_________+/-%


Dem                 836,258                      836,862                    + 604                   + 0.07%


Rep.                 657,154                      657,794                   + 640                   + 0.1%


NAV                 493,336                     496,218                    +2,882                + 0.6%


IPO                   99,132                        99,797                    + 665                    + 0.7%


Other Minor        62,619                        63,218                    +599                    + 1.0%


TOTAL VOTER   2,148,499                   2,153,889                 +5,390                 + 0.24%


Quick Takes:

  • Democratic and Republican Parties continue to lose voter share. With the Democratic Party losing more voter share than the Republican Party. (A very under reported story)
  • The Independent Party nears 100,000 members and is less than 10,000 members away from major party status. The IPO gained more members than either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. The IPO had the largest percentage gain (0.7%) of any group.
  • Non Affiliated voters increased the most in total numbers (2,882), making up over 50% of the increase in voter registrations.
  • Total growth in registrations broken down by parties:

NAV:  53.5%

IPO:   12.3%

REP:  11.9%

DEM:  11.2%

OTR:  11.1%



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