Non Partisan Redistricting plan task force gets started today

The current Republican domination in State Houses and Congress is caused in part, many argue, by the fact that Republican strategists ran vigorous state level campaigns with the express intent to win as many State Houses as possible in 2008-2010 so they would be in charge of drawing new state and congressional district lines.

In Oregon, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has decided to study non partisan redistricting plans. If a non partisan redistricting plan is adopted by the State Legislature our next scheduled redistricting in 2020 will have a decidedly different process. It will also have national importance. With Oregon in line to add a Congressional District in 2020 due to population growth  redistricting could determine whether Oregon will be adding a Democratic or Republican seat to Congress.

Steve Elzinga Governmental & Legal Affairs Director at the office of the Oregon Secretary of State describes the Secretary of States new task force status.

“The Nonpartisan Redistricting Task Force is being convened by Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, in partnership with several legislators. It will meet Wednesdays from 5-6pm from Feb 1 to March 1. The goal is to reach broad consensus on a redistricting system that is nonpartisan, fair, and not vulnerable to manipulation. If so, a bill with the final product will be introduced in the legislative session.


A press release with task force members will be going out shortly. [The task force] will include representatives from the Democratic, Pacific Green, Independent, Republican, and Progressive parties.”

You can watch the task force discussions live streaming. A link to the live stream will be posted at:

As soon as the task force posts anything online, whether on OLIS or on the Secretary of State site, it will be posted it here.

Here is the current method for redistricting in all States.

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