Mark Frohnmayer breaking barriers again

markMark Frohnmayer, successful high tech and electric vehicle entrepreneur, is at it again. Breaking barriers in the political world with a proposed ballot measure for changing Oregon’s closed primary to a Approval Voting Primary. (YouTube video explanation)

If adopted, no longer would partisan elections be decided solely by major party members in their May primary where partisan bases hold more power at taxpayer expense. We would all get a vote to approve, any candidates that are on the ballot. The beauty of it, as explained in the video link, is that it allows a voter more discretion in voting outside the box, but doesn’t create a spoiler effect. Moderates, NAV”s and minor party candidates should like this. However, the 15% of the voters who make up the Republican base, and the 20% of the voters who make up the Democratic base, will not.

The only thing I may add to the system is an option for any party to opt out of the primary, and select their won candidate in their own way at their own cost. Just as minor parties must do under current law.

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