March Voter Registration Stats

Total increase in voter registration for March:  25,693. An increase of almost 1%

Non affiliated voter number increase the most, because of the flaw in Oregon  motor voter law. increasing by 14,354 voters to 834,724 or 1.75%

Democrats increased by 3,479, or 0.36%: Republicans increased by 2,792 or 0.4% and the Independent party increased by 532 members or 0.44%

Total party membership as of the end of March

  • Democrats:                                                   959,628
  • Non affiliated:                                                834,742
  • Republican:                                                   699,320
  • Independent Party:                                       121,007

Another way of looking at it:

  • Democrats:                                                    959,628
  • i/Independents (Non affiliated + IPO):           955,749
  • Republican:                                                   699,320

Total i/Independent voters well exceeds Republicans and should exceed the number of Democrats by the next reporting period. Making the Independent Party’s open Primary the primary with the largest number of eligible voters.

As the May primary closes in, we see the Republican and Democratic Parties no longer losing members. They are now keeping up with the IPO’s rate of growth. This could be because some NAV’s have changed to Democrat or Republican in order to participate in their closed primaries, or because some voters who were registered through motor voter and hadn’t previously selected a political party have finally gotten around to doing so. Probably a bit of both.

We should see a more dramatic increase in the Democratic and Republican Parties in the next monthly report in anticipation of May’s primary election.

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