Kitzhaber and Richardson: Campaign Cash Update

[Misc. Funds is a recurring column on Oregon Outpost  that examines the campaign finances of various groups in Oregon.]This week we took a look the campaign finances of Governor Kitzhaber and his Republican challenger, Dennis Richardson, specifically in-kind contributions.

Kitzhaber’s top in-kind donations amount the corporate CEO’s paying for his air travel expenses, chartering him jets and picking up the food and beverage tab for his fundraisers. All this would seem to be at odds with a Democratic candidate’s case that they stand with the working people of Oregon. Republicans are supposed to be the ones in bed with the CEO’s and corporations,yet it is Dennis Richardson who seems to be running his campaign in true working class shoe string budget style. Touring the state in an RV, paid for by a donor of course, and getting core campaign services donated by supporters and key members of the Oregon Republican establishment.

Who is Impact Marketing?

Impact Marketing is one of those companies you come across pretty regularly when trolling the campaign finance database, the do not seem to exist outside of an LLC  filing with the Secretary of States office. No website, no easily business office…just a vague entry in a database. Often these companies belong to consultants and other political insiders trying to cover there tracks a little. And Impact Marketing is not different.

The LLC filing for Impact Marketing shows that is shares the same address in Medford as Comnet Marketing and the registered agent for Impact Marketing is the President/CEO of Comnet Marketing. Both have done business with the Dennis Richardson Campaign. Comnet and Impact have done business with the Jackson County Republican Central Committee, Republicans Duane Stark, Sal Esquivel and the Oregon Republican PAC “Promote Oregon Leadership”. They both alternate between doing work on in-kind contribution and cash expenditure basis. See Impact Marketings Campaign finance history.

Who is Impact Marketing? - Click here to see campaign finance details

Richardson Impact Marketing and Comnet Marketing

Original IdTran DateContributor/PayeeSub TypeAmountAggregate Amount
183844909/22/2014Comnet Marketing Group, IncIn-Kind Contribution3656.325990.91
180292808/22/2014Comnet Marketing Group, IncCash Expenditure250.22250.22
179820308/18/2014Comnet Marketing Group, IncIn-Kind Contribution1334.592334.59
173793906/03/2014Impact MarketingCash Expenditure1634.293966.75
173148005/19/2014Impact MarketingCash Expenditure1242.22332.46
172209005/08/2014Impact MarketingCash Expenditure695.521090.26
170563504/21/2014Impact MarketingCash Expenditure394.74394.74
168604304/01/2014Impact MarketingIn-Kind Contribution192.336024.56
167001303/10/2014Impact MarketingIn-Kind Contribution3583.295832.23
163943201/15/2014Impact MarketingIn-Kind Contribution2248.942248.94

Click to See - Dennis Richardson Top 7 In-Kind Contributions

Richardson Top 7 In-kind Contributions

Original IdTran DateContributor/PayeeSub TypeAmountAggregate Amount
179955608/08/2014Seneca Sustainable EnergyIn-Kind Contribution200000200000
170086804/15/2014Rick ThomasIn-Kind Contribution90009000
162624601/05/2014Alan DeBoerIn-Kind Contribution65006500
181858609/12/2014Andrew MillerIn-Kind Contribution54005400
184941809/28/2014Endeavor Advocacy LLCIn-Kind Contribution42506730
183844909/22/2014Comnet Marketing Group, IncIn-Kind Contribution3656.325990.91
167001303/10/2014Impact MarketingIn-Kind Contribution3583.295832.23


Kitzhabers in-kind donations are less interesting, beyond the fact that millionaire CEO’s are funding his travel and fundraising events. This is one interesting in-kind contribution from someone related to his campaign, Patricia McCaig.

McCaig Communications In-kind Contributions

Original IdTran DateFilerContributor/PayeeSub TypeAmountAggregate Amount
184043208/31/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorMcCaig CommunicationsIn-Kind Contribution30003000

Click to See - Kitzhaber Top 7 In-kind Contributions

Kitzhaber Top 7 In-kind Contributions

Original IdTran DateFilerContributor/PayeeSub TypeAmountAggregate Amount
183224209/23/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorToo Extreme for Oregon (17144)In-Kind Contribution116395.51198505.14
183076909/19/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorToo Extreme for Oregon (17144)In-Kind Contribution82109.6382109.63
184239809/16/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorDemocratic Party of Oregon (353)In-Kind Contribution1572015720
179142207/21/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorTimber Products Co.In-Kind Contribution85228522
183229309/03/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorDemocratic Governors Association - Oregon (14667)In-Kind Contribution72027202
170186404/16/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorJames D'OrtaIn-Kind Contribution60006000
174834105/21/2014Kitzhaber for GovernorTimothy BoyleIn-Kind Contribution337528375

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