Did Atkins unretire to Stop “Berner” leadership in the DPO?

Secretary Jeanne Atkins retired for the first time in 2015, but was called back to service when new Governor Kate Brown appointed her as Secretary of State to step in as a mainstream establishment manager and complete the balance of Browns SOS term. Atkins promised not to run for election, and she kept that promise “retiring” for the second time January, 2017.

Now Secretary Atkins has just announced  her candidacy for the Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. The election for Party Chair is to be held March 25-26. What prompted her to suddenly jump into the race with just 3 weeks to go before the election?

The only other known candidate for the DPO Chair is Larry Taylor a long time Democratic Party grass roots activist. Mr. Taylor was a DNC superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention. in 2016. He was one of three of thirteen Oregon Superdelegates who voted for Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton, the party establishment candidate.

According to some Sanders supporters here in Oregon, there is serious disagreement between Oregon Democratic activists who supported Sanders and the current Democratic establishment and elected officials about policies and process.

Don’t forget how the Democratic establishment responded to Rep. Keith Ellison’s surging candidacy for the DNC Chair. They recruited a loyal qualified well liked establishment figure to rally around. One who wasn’t identified with the Sanders/Warren wing of the Democratic coalition.

Could it be that Sec. Atkins was once again asked to unretire at the urging of the establishment and elected Oregon Democrats in order to head off any dilution of establishment influence? There’s no doubt of Sec. Atkins ability. There is also no doubt about her loyalty to the Democratic establishment current leadership policy and goals.

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