IPO reveals Healthcare plank of it’s expanded platform

Throughout the first 8 years of it’s existence, the Independent Party of Oregon refrained from adopting a specifically detailed platform. That left voters somewhat confused and in some cases disappointed. This year,  The Independent Party of Oregon has embarked on adoption of an extended platform. (read the letter from the IPO State Council announcing the adoption of the extended platform; read the first IPO plank on education)

This week the IPO released it’s latest plank, on Healthcare. An excerpt:

“The Independent Party of Oregon endorses a healthcare system based on concepts and
processes used by other western developed countries that have proven effective at wide
coverage, assuring quality, and controlling costs based on universal coverage for basic health
care through cost sharing. Health care options to study must include: Medicare buy in option;
the German model and the French Model; and an American based single payer system such as
Medicare for all. (Note: France has competing health insurance funds, 100% of its citizens have
health insurance, and it spends 11.2% of its GDP on health care.)

Reforming our healthcare system to one that is efficient and delivers healthcare to all will free up
hundreds of billions of dollars of public expenditures. It will allow businesses who now
experience ever growing health insurance costs to invest instead in expansion and
modernization. And of course it will provide universal health care, improving the health of our
children and families and reducing the stress and anxiety our unstable and unpredictable health
insurance market causes for too many fellow citizens.

We recognize, however, that how or who pays doesn’t address the cost of care. So while a
national discussion develops, Oregon must focus on reducing health care costs. Oregon
lawmakers must pressure care providers to be more efficient and reduce administrative
expenses. Savings in the cost of care should be reflected in the cost of health insurance
premiums. Oregon legislators must put partisan politics aside and pass health care rules and
develop structures to control the cost of publicly-funded or subsidized health care”

Read the entire healthcare plank

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