IPO releases Ballot Measure Endorsements

Press release from IPO:

The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) has endorsed Oregon statewide ballot Measures 90 and 92, opposes Measure 86, and is neutral on Measure 91.

IPO members from around the state of Oregon participated in an online survey to determine the party’s positions on four ballot measures where proponents or opponents asked for the party’s endorsement.

The survey presented each measure’s official ballot title (caption, yes/no questions, and summary) and provided links to its official Explanatory Statement and the “support” and “oppose” arguments in the official Voters’ Pamphlet.

We received 306 responses. In brief, the responses were:  

  • 59% – 33% against endorsing Measure 86 (state bond for college student aid)
  • 72% – 17% in favor endorsing of Measure 90 (top two primary)
  • 62% – 26% in favor endorsing of Measure 92 (GMO labeling)

The responses on Measure 91 (legalizing marijuana) were divided 48% yes and 45% no.

Detailed data tables and charts are available at  http://survey.indparty.net/2014measures.pdf

IPO members provided many interesting comments on these measures, which are available at www.indparty.com/ballot_measures

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