Independent Party of Oregon Priorities 2019/20

The Independent Party of Oregon State Council has adopted some new strategies in it’s efforts to influence state leaders to enact good government policies.

Act Local: The Party will identify local regional and county officials who are already members of the Independent Party or who are unaffiliated voters or willing to act independent of the two major parties, and will support them in their re-election efforts. It will make efforts to recruit independent candidates for local regional and county races, including school boards, and assist them in their campaigns.

The Party will seek input from all non partisan office holders and develop ideas and strategies that will improve local governance and address their common needs and promote those policies in Salem. “As a City Councilor myself, I see policies on the State level that can harm local governments” Said Sal Peralta, from McMinnville. “It’s important that the people in Salem understand how their actions, or failure to act, can adversely impact people and their local governments.”

Direct to Voters: Party officials will work in coalition with other good government groups on direct democracy actions. This has already proven succesful in Multnomah County where IPO Co Chair Dan Meek was a key leader in the coalition that passed local campaign finance reform ordinances with an 88% majority.

The IPO is currently exploring direct democracy actions in matters involving revenue, tax reform, PERS, non partisan redistricting and perhaps even a petition to adopt ranked choice voting statewide as Maine has done.

The IPO leaders said that given the Democratic supermajority in Salem and a Democratic Governor, most Legislation will be decided in Salem among Democratic stakeholders. Non Democrats, whether Republicans or minor Party, will find little ability to offer input into new legislation. Issue by issue partnering with like minded groups and organizations may be the most effective way to reform our elections and enact widely popular policies that the major party leadership doesn’t support.

More Cross Nominations: After two frustrating elections where IPO candidates failed to win any partisan elections, the State Council agreed that for 2020 the IPO nomination process and criteria would change. Since it’s almost a certainty that the IPO will be relegated back to minor party status, the Party nominating caucus will be charged with deciding how to nominate IPO candidates for 2020. The State Council has decided that it will review potential candidates for viability, and whether they have a clear purpose and vision for their candidacy. If no independent candidate meets the criteria the caucus will turn to the winners of the major party nominations and determine to what extent they support IPO priorities and have shown a willingness to put Oregon needs first. the Party will consider offering the IPO cross nomination and support to the best of those candidates. Rob Harris, Co Chair of the IPO said, “We understand election rules, and until those rules change, for instance adoption of ranked choice voting, it makes more sense for us to make smart tactical choices and support independent minded Republican and Democratic officials when possible.”

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