IMO: Marijuana’s Chronic Problem

Joe DreadI’m for legalizing marijuana. Law enforcement costs to restrain personal use  are not an effective use of taxpayer money and I would like to cut off funding for the horribly cruel drug gangs that profit from the marijuana trade.

But don’t think for an instant that makes unfettered recreational use of pot a good thing. It’s not and all the yay-ness about legalized dope should really be resignation to the fact that people will always get their highs and we should treat marijuana  as a public health issue rather than law enforcement issue.

Be aware that if you smoke weed it will harm you. And overuse is not great for your family or  community.  Here are some of the adverse effects of marijuana.

Yes, some people really  get medical benefits from marijuana. Treating MJ use as a public health concern doesn’t mean we treat medical marijuana users with opprobrium. In fact, treating MJ as a powerful  drug and health issue assures medical marijuana users that their medicine will be treated with respect, and not suspected as some loophole to get a good high.

Yes, alcohol is legal, and people use it to get high or “take the edge off”. But you may have noticed, America has a health problem with alcohol, and alcohol use is treated as a public health issue  and if you drink too much you can end up in jail and with a criminal record.

So, lets not hold any parades. Lets resign ourselves to the fact that it’s more pragmatic  to regulate marijuana and treat it as a public health issue. And, with inevitable  corporate mega-advertising  campaign to sell legal weed, lets constantly  remind users, sellers, and especially  our children that it is a very unhealthy practice that will lead to adverse consequences to your body and your community.

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