House District 25 heating up

  • Tough fight expected between Parrish backed candidate Jensen and ORGOP leadership backed candidate Post
  • Independent Chuck Lee rumored to be receiving large cash infusion soon

HD-25Oregon campaign finance reports (ORESTAR) show that tea party favorite Bill Post’s campaign has received a $15,000 donation from Oregon Right to Life. Bringing his total money raised to $49,001 with a cash balance of $41,062.

He may need it. As his primary opponent, Barbara Jensen, has raised $54,650. Though $30,000 of that was from a single donor – Stimson Lumber. Though Jensen has just $21,396 cash on hand due to heavier spending on campaign consultants. It was Jensen’s recruitment into this race by Rep. Julie Parrish that cost Rep. Parrish her leadership position.

Independent Charles Lee has also raised $11,802, and still has $7,171 cash on hand. We’ve also learned that Lee could be reporting a $10,000 donation at his next filing. Given the Jensen/Post primary spending, and Lee’s increasingly serious candidacy, by June, Lee could be in better financial shape than the winner of the Republican Primary.


  1. Financial base versus voter base - Oregon Outpost | Oregon Outpost - April 17, 2014

    […] by the voting base.  Two cases in point are the Conger v Wehby US Senate primary race and the Post v. Jensen  House District 25 primary. These two races will test the willingness of the financial base to upset the voting base. […]

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