Hillsboro House and Senate Endorsements (sort of)

endorsementThere was a candidate appearance at the Hillsboro Library last Wednesday, and the choices are clear.

  • If you’re a Republican or lean Republican you should vote for the Republican candidate
  • If you’re a Democrat or lean Democrat you should vote for the Democratic candidate
  • If you’re Libertarian, lean Libertarian,  refuse to vote  Democratic or Republican, or  would simply like a voice in Salem from outside the Democratic and Republican hierarchy, you should vote for the Libertarian candidates.

While the Two Libertarians – Caitlin Mitchel-Markley (SD-15) and Kyle Markley (HD-30) stood out as classic Libertarians – small government footprint and socially liberal- none of the Democratic or Republican candidates really offered anything that differed from their respective party policies.  If you are going to vote for a major party candidate,  you should simply vote based on the Party leadership and platform rather than the candidate.

If you prefer Democrats Tina Kotek, Val Hoyle, Betty Komp and Tobias Read leading our House of Representatives, vote for Susan McClain in HD-29 and Joe Gallegos in HD-30.

If you prefer Republicans Mike McLane, John Davis, Sherrie Sprenger, Gene Whisnant and Cliff Bentz leading our State House of Representatives, vote for Mark Richman (HD-29) and Dan Mason (HD-30).

For the Senate District 15 race, f you’ve enjoyed the leadership of Democrats Peter Courtney, Diana Rosenbaum, Ginny Burdick and Alan Bates, then Chuck Riley is your man. If you’d prefer to see the Oregon Senate run by Republican Ted Ferrioli (and whoever else he has in leadership), then vote for Bruce Starr.

Alternatively consider this. If you prefer independent non traditional representation and would like to have a voice in Salem not from the Democratic and Republicen echo chambers, or if you’re  a classic Libertarian  then Vote for Caitlin Mitchel-Markley in Senate District 15 and Kyle Markley in House District 30.

So Basically, I’m endorsing everyone, and no one. None of the Democratic or Republican candidates will bring any fresh new ideas to Salem. None exhibit any paradigm changing quality.  On the other hand, they all seem to competently represent their political parties and are well informed and I think running because they believe they can make a positive difference. Rest assured  they will be good consistent party votes.

If you are satisfied with the way the Democratic and Republican leaders have governed our State, the only common sense thing to do is to cast your vote based on party leadership. Because that’s who you’re voting to empower.

Your other alternative of course is to vote for Libertarian candidates in these races.

And I have to tell you, Though I’m not a Libertarian, Caitlin Mitchel-Markley and Kyle Markley are not bad choices. They’re both intelligent and thoughtful. They clearly held their own with the other candidates. In fact, I’d say of all the candidates in the room, they had the most outstanding presentations – along with Susan McClain and Mark Richman.  It seems they also understand the limits of their ability to bring about change themselves. They are not angry idealogues.  They exude grace and a positive good humor  that could allow them to attract allies and achieve some “Libertarian” changes – perhaps marginal – legislatively.  They will be abl to work with Democrats on areas of mutual agreement – like social issues. And with Republicans on their commonly held positions – such as government regulation and taxes.

If you’re a true blue Democrat or a red through and through Repubican, or if you’re convinced that if the “other side” winning if you vote independent is a catastrophe, you should absolutely vote for the major party candidate of your choice. Just be aware that regardless of which major party candidate wins, it’s more a vote for the party rather than the candidate because the winner individually is not likely to make much impact one way or another.

So in a way, voting for one of the smart, articulate reasonable Libertarian candidates is a safe bet. It’s a chance to vote to “send a message” that has less downside this year.


– Rob Harris –

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