GOP State Sen. Boquist gets $1k from Tobacco

Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist (R) posted a $1000 donation to his PAC, Boquist Leadership Fund, today from Big Tobacco. This latest contribution brought his aggregate donations from tobacco to $2000. Of course the donation is not listed as Big Tobacco, it is listed Altria Client Services Inc and is recorded as an out of state contribution. Altria Client Services is the “scientific” research arm of Altria Inc., formerly known as Philip Morris and the producers of Marlboro cigerrettes. Sen. Boquist is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans and Emergency Preparedness. This is not his first brush with controversy, there was a 2012 lawsuit that implicated him in some shading mercenary military schemes.
Sen. Boquist is not the first Oregon politician to accept contributions from Altria. Oregon Outpost posted an article in 2013 about Big Tobacco donations to a variety of Oregon Politicians, Democrats and Republicans. Tina Kotek and her Future House PAC and the Oregon Republican PAC Promote Oregon Leadership took tens of thousands of dollars from tobacco over the last several years.

The address listed in ORESTAR, 415 L Street Sacramento CA 95814, is popular with California Lobbyists.

The Tran ID is 1872844

Tran Date        Filer/Committee                     Contributor/Payee                 Sub Type                   Amount

10/16/2014     Boquist Leadership Fund      Altria Client Services Inc.  Cash Contribution      $1,000.00




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