First Indy Legislative candidate files

September 7th, 2017 was the first day of candidate filing for major party candidates for the 2018 May primary. The first Independent Party candidate to file was Cynthia Hyatt who wants the IPO nomination for House District 15. Ms. Hyatt ran for the same seat in 2016 against incumbent Republican Representative Andy Olson, earning 17% of the vote as the Progressive candidate. The most votes of any Progressive candidate in 2016.

She is seeking a rematch, but this time as the candidate of the Independent Party.

Q: Thank you for talking to independent voters and reaching out to let us know about your campaign. Can you introduce yourself and tell us what seat you’ll be running for?

A: I’m Cynthia Hyatt and I am the independent party candidate for the Oregon House of Representatives, District 15, which encompasses Albany, Tangent, Millersburg, west of Jefferson and east of Corvallis. I’ll be a candidate for the IPO nomination and appear on the May primary ballot.

Q: What are your primary reasons for running for the State Legislature?

A: My goals after election are to improve our education system to achieve a better graduation rate, improve the lunch programs in our schools, and maintain opportunities for everyone to have healthcare.  I would also like to see a liaison program for senior citizens and those with disabilities implemented to make receiving care from extended providers easier to understand and streamline phone contact through the primary care provider to ensure less confusion on the patient’s end.  Although this is not a comprehensive list of goals, my main goal is to do what is best for the state of Oregon on the legislative floor.  That is where decisions are made that potentially affect our everyday lives, and I want to be a part of that.

Q: What’s your educational and work background?

A: In January 2013 I began my college education at Linn-Benton Community College where I graduated with an Associate of Science in history and transferred my political science credits to Portland State University in 2015.  In December I will graduate from PSU with a bachelor degree in political science.  Previously, I earned a medical assisting diploma from Texas College of Medical and Dental Careers while they were in Dallas, Texas.  I worked in a few physician’s offices temporarily including the Christian Community Action Adult Health Clinic in Lewisville, Texas.  After that I went to work for the blood banking industry at Carter Blood Care out of Bedford, Texas as a phlebotomist.

Q:  Tell us a bit about your family and community involvement. Besides your professional resume, voters want to know who you are as a person:

A: I am married to my best friend going on four and a half years.  I have three daughters and twelve grandchildren!  I am a member of the East Albany Lion’s Club and the Western Political Science Association and I attend church in Salem at Church on the Hill, south campus.  I enjoy many activities in my spare time, but my favorite is going to the coast, enjoy the serenity and listening to the sound of the waves.

Q: And how can voters keep up on your race, and get in touch with you?

A: You can go on my website,   You may also contact me through my email:  moc.l1553288510iamg@1553288510naici1553288510tilop1553288510ttayh1553288510.  I will be happy to answer your emails in a timely manner. And I can’t wait to hear from you, listen to your concerns and work hard as your next District 15 Representative


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