Fastest Growing Voter Registration Affiliations in Oregon; By Percentage: September, 2018

With the mid terms coming up, September and October traditionally experience a jump in voter registration and party affiliation. This month’s graph ranks the fastest growing affiliations by percentage. The Non affiliated voter sector continues to far outstrip party affiliated voters by a wide margin due to how the Legislature decided to structure our automatic voter registration. (see: Oregon Motor Voter’s Big Flaw).

Major Party Voter registration change 12/18-1/19

AFFILIATIONDecember 2018January 2019Total Change +/-
Indepedent Party125,101125,447+ 346
Democratic976,409976,260- 149
Republican706,744706,393- 351
Changes in Oregon Voter Registration. December 18 to Jan 19 By Party



  • Total registration increase percentage continues to outpace the percentage increase in Democratic and Republican registrations. If that continues the percent of Oregon voters who identify as Democrats or Republicans will continue to fall. In a few election cycles fewer than 50% of Oregon voters may be eligible to vote in Oregon’s closed primaries.
  • As between the three major parties, the new affiliated voters who selected a major party are:
    • Democratic:  61.4 %
    • Republican:  28.2 %
    • Independent:  10.4 %

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