Countdown to the political Mendoza line: 6 Months

Is there a political "Mendoza line"?

Is there a political “Mendoza line”?

We’re nearing a  landmark in Oregon. The political Mendoza line (explained here). Where the total number of minor and non affiliated voters exceeds the number of registered Republicans.

Why is this important? Because Oregon law subsidizes the Republican and Democratic parties, and shuts minor party voters and non affiliated voters out of the primary elections. Oregon forces minor parties to bear the entire financial burden of selecting their nominees while it forces us all to pay for the Democratic and Republican private party nomination process.

What will be the rationale for such subsidies once the Republican Party becomes smaller than non major party numbers?

So, here is the Oregon Political Mendoza line countdown.



_____________  Republicans ________ Minor party and NAVs _______Difference

12/2012                     682,731                             645,337                            R +  37,394

08/2013                     668,579                             652,470                            R + 16,109


In 8 months time the gap closes by 21,285 voters,  an average of 2,660 registrants per month. With a current difference of 16,109, Minor party and NAV’s should surpass the Republican Party members in 6 months.

If you think that minor party and NAV voters at least deserve a chance to participate in Oregon elections, sign the Let Us Vote  petition.


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