Conger stronger against Merkley

logoRepublican pollsters Harper Polling has released a new poll  showing that Jason Conger would be the stronger candidate in a one on one race against Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley.

Harper is a relatively new polling outfit, and somewhat controversial for it’s embrace of automated polling.

The poll shows that in a Conger / Merkley race,  Merkley gets 47%, Conger 40% with 12 % undecided.

In a Wehby / Merkley race, Merkley claims 46% of the vote, Wehby 34% and 20% remain undecided.

Moving to the cross tabs, independents and others favor Conger 43% to 36% with 21% undecided. But Wehby loses to Merkley among independents and others by 32% to 34%. However 34% would be undecided in a Wehby/Merkley contest.

The polling was done April 1 – 2, 2014.



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