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Did Encore Political Services just run the worst voter registration drive ever?

In a complaint filed this week, Democratic dark money political group Our Oregon was accused of violating election law and possibly committing a felony. In the complaint, outlined here, Lee Vasche, Executive Director of Signature Gathering Company of Oregon (SGCO) , a  firm hired to obtain signatures for the “No Fake Emergencies” ballot measure, alleges […]

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Breaking: Less than 5% of new Oregon voters registering Democratic!

The first Motor Voter statistics are out and in a stunning turn of events, only 4.8% of new Motor Voters are registering with the Democratic Party. If the trend continues, the Democratic Party of Oregon will be relegated to minor party status. Follow this link for a summary of Motor Voter registration data. OMV_MonthlyReport_Template_2016-02-02 But […]

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The Libertarian case against political contribution limits and disclosures

  Editors Note: Kyle Markley is an appointed member of the Joint Task Force on Campaigns Finance Reform. Previously, Oregon Outpost published an article by fellow task force member Seth Woolley a longtime supporter of campaign finance reforms. By Kyle Markley, Kyle has twice run as a Libertarian for State Representative in the swing district […]

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Seth Woolley

Task Force split on support for campaign finance reform

Editors Note: The Following article is a detailed review of the recommendations made by a Legislatively created task force on Campaign Finance Reform. In the end, the only members to vote no on all campaign finance reform proposals were a representative from business, and representatives of the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian Parties. While opposition from […]

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Val Hoyle’s first test

May 19th, 2015 It’s no secret that Rep. Val Hoyle is running for Oregon Secretary of State in 2016. She is also known in Salem as one of the more effective, and partisan,  politicians. Effective is good for a Secretary of State. Partisan is not. Her handling of HB3500 – her first stab at tackling […]

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How open data could transform government

April 29th, 2015 A new report prepared by the Pew Research Center in partnership with the John S. and James L Knight Foundation explains how we are shifting from an ‘e-Gov 1.0″ to ” Data-Gov 2.0″. We’re going from simply finding information such as park hours or addresses of government offices online, to accessing public […]

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