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Failed national leadership leads to civic disobedience/sanctuary cities

Americans have a history of engaging in civil disobedience and publicly defying laws that are seen as unjust but which have for some reason proven to be difficult to change through lawful means. Civil disobedience is commonly accepted as honorable so long as protesters remain peaceful and are willing to bear the legal consequences of […]

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Should teachers be allowed to strike?

Banning Teacher Strikes may be good for students and teachers

One interesting tidbit that was revealed in the Kitzhaber emails was his plan to strip teacher of their ability to strike. This isn’t as far out or outrageous as some may think. 38 States and the District of Columbia ban teacher strikes. Only 12 states allow teachers to go on strike. They include: Alaska, California, Colorado, […]

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2016 will be a banner year

March 6th, 2015 Governor Brown announced today she was appointing Jeanne Atkins to be Oregon’s Secretary of State. Atkins is a recently retired longtime political staffer and activist. Her most recent position was as State Director for Sen. Jeff Merkley. Everyone seems to agree that Ms. Atkins is a quality appointment, but won’t seek election to the […]

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Oregon’s Shakespearean Tragedy

Shakespearean Tragedy is the classification of drama written by William Shakespeare which has a noble protagonist, who is flawed in some way, placed in a stressful heightened situation and ends with a fatal conclusion – Wikipedia – “But you must believe me when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy […]

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A news story you’ll never read

February 2, 2015 Today the President signed a “must pass” government funding omnibus bill that angered many in Washington DC.  Obama said “It was the best we could negotiate, and while I don’t agree with everything in the bill, some compromises had to be accepted” Many of the most powerful members of Congress said that […]

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retire rich

Want to earn rate of return on retirement like a hedge fund manager?

Dec 5th, 2014 Last session at Ted Wheeler’s request Democratic House members introduced HB 3436 which would have established  a State operated  retirement savings investment program for every Oregonian. Not mandatory, just an option. It didn’t go anywhere. In a December 5th Oregon Catalyst post, Sen. Doug Whitsett warned liberty loving Oregonians that the Democrats were […]

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