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Should teachers be allowed to strike?

Banning Teacher Strikes may be good for students and teachers

One interesting tidbit that was revealed in the Kitzhaber emails was his plan to strip teacher of their ability to strike. This isn’t as far out or outrageous as some may think. 38 States and the District of Columbia ban teacher strikes. Only 12 states allow teachers to go on strike. They include: Alaska, California, Colorado, […]

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Approval Voting to Select the “Best” News Source

This article was originally published December 1, 2014. It seems particularly relevant today, after a the election of Donald Trump. (Edited for relevance). The Strategic Decision: In early 2014, as a group of election reformers were strategizing on their best chances to change our voting system they made  a critical decision. Mark Frohnmayer, one of the […]

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Jim Thompson write in candidate for HD-23

The Polk County Itemizer-Observor reports today that Jim Thompson the Republican incumbent in House District 23 who lost a vicious primary contest to Tea Party candidate Mike Nearman, is back in the hunt for the HD-23 seat. From the article: Thompson’s write-in campaign launched this month after supporters, namely Lynnette and Gene Henshaw, organized a […]

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Fair. Vote

OR Equal Vote Conference

Almost a hundred people attended The Equal Vote Conference  held at the University of Oregon Law School Saturday October 4th Former Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer greeted the attendees/ The conference focused on election reforms and featured a debate between proponents and opponents of Measure 90 (top two primary). The conference opened with explanations of two main […]

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Chuck Lee - Independent candidate for Oregon House District 25

Statesman Journal endorses Chuck Lee in HD-25

In the only Oregon race this November that features a major party candidate head to head against an independent, the Salem based newspaper Statesman Journal, the most respected political editorial board in the State, has endorsed Independent candidate Chuck Lee. They said: Chuck Lee of Keizer is the stronger choice because of his experience on […]

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PERS changes held unconstitutional

A Failure of Consideration: UPDATE 5/1/15

UPDATE: On April 30, 2015, the Oregon Supreme Court struck down the majority of the PERS changes adopted in 2013. This article was originally published September, 2014 and addressed the options for the State should the PERS portion of the “Grand Bargain” fail to withstand court challenge.  Originally published 9/14/14; Republished 5/1/15 When there is a […]

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