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Person of Political Courage: Senator Brian Boquist

“Courage means overcoming partisanship, and also means not bowing to any special interest, and instead voting one’s conscience. Senators always have to vote based on whether an issue should be decided as a representative of the people (i.e., voting in accordance with the majority in one’s district), or alternatively as a matter of conscience. When […]

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January, 2015 report

Voter Registration change February, 2017: IPO keeps showing gains

Again, non affiliated and Independent Party registrations increase while Democratic and Republican rolls decrease. This month, I looked at the total change in voter registrations in February, 2017 (column one). Then deducted the number of members added by Motor Voter (Column two) and showed the change in membership from voters dropping, or changing, or going […]

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Get rid of mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes

But don’t touch the interest deduction for mortgage on principle residence Oregon Legislators are considering changing residential interest deduction. HB 2006 would: cap the state mortgage interest deduction at $15,000 eliminate the deduction for homeowners earning over $100,000 a year or $200,000 if filing jointly. Eliminate the deduction paid on mortgages for second homes and […]

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Can the Oregon Democratic Coalition split over Tuition and PERS?

“Republican and Democratic voters disagree about a lot. But the divide between each party’s members is much wider than simply distinct policy positions and different evaluations of candidates. Each party’s supporters define the terms and stakes of political competition quite differently. Republicans believe they’re battling over two opposing ideologies, while Democrats view partisan conflict instead […]

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Oregon GOP Legislators seek abortion ban after 20 weeks gestation

Oregon Republicans in the House Thursday introduced HB3017, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation and impose counseling requirements. The bill is cosponsored by 15 of the 25 House Republicans and 8 of 13 Republican Senators. But what’s the current state of law in Oregon? What are current Oregon restrictions/laws on abortions? Oregon currently […]

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pay to play

Pay to Play: The Currency of Politics

Pay to play, sometimes pay for play, is a phrase used for a variety of situations in which money is exchanged for services or the privilege to engage in certain activities. The common denominator of all forms of pay to play is that one must pay to “get in the game,”  Oregon has no limits […]

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