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Independent voters, including non affiliated and members of the Independent Party of Oregon, now make up over 30% of Oregon voters.

But the lack of coverage by the mainstream media of independent positions, views and new ideas makes it difficult for an independent voters to increase their level of influence.

Oregon Outpost is committed to presenting independent voices, opinions, and independent voter news to Oregonians. News and information that can get lost in the cacophony of Republican versus Democratic battles.

Rob Harris – Co-Founder and Editor at Oregon Outpost. Rob is a member of the Independent Party of Oregon and serves as a member of its 5 person State Council, the governing entity of the Party. He is a Business owner and attorney from Hillsboro Oregon. He has been featured as a knowledgeable political commentator on KATU2, the Bill Post Show, and Jefferson Smith in the Morning on XRAY radio and made presentations on behalf of the IPO to many civic and community organizations. (Inquiries for media appearances to 971-732-4518)

James Nobles – Co-Founder and contributor. James is an IPO member in the Multnomah County Chapter  an activist and reporter. His blog is PDX Independent.


All articles are the property of the writers. Unless specifically stated otherwise, any individual article does not represent an editorial consensus of the editors or other writers. Our editors and writer are free to post as they see fit on issues that are important to them. Therefore, you may occasionally see articles featuring opinions and analysis that appear to be at cross purposes. That’s sort of how the first amendment and free speech work.

Submissions are welcome.

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