Majority of New Oregon Voters Reject Democrats and GOP

Oregon voter registration statistics for April 2014

Month to month comparison shows a huge surge in people registering as NAV (non affiliate voter – one who elects not to belong to any party) and Independent Party of Oregon voters.

Party April, 2014 Mar-14 +/(-) +/-
DEM 833,812 831,271 2,541 0.31%
REP 658,972 655,997 2,795 0.43%
NAV 501,879 494,883 6,996 1.41%
IPO 101,421 100,036 1,385 1.38%
Other Minor 64,191 63,246 945 1.49%
TOTAL 2,160,095 2,145,433 14,661 0.68


  • Of the 14,662 gains in registration, 47.7% registered as NAV and 9.4% registered as IPO. The combined NAV + IPO – which I refer to as the i/Independent voting block- accounts for 57.1% of the increase in registered voters. 
  • Democratic Party accounted for only 17.3% of the growth, while the Republican Party received 19.1% of the growth.  Total Major party new voter share is a meager 36.4%
  • Democratic Party continues to lose market share to Republicans. Both losing market share to NAV and IPO, and even to other minor parties.
  • IPO now makes up 4.7% of registered voters. Slowly getting to the 5% mark where it becomes a major political party, entitled to all the taxpayer benefits the Democratic and Republican Parties receive.
  • Current Voter % total by party:
Oregon Voter Registration by Party

Oregon Voter Registration by Party – April 2014

–  Rob Harris –


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