Patrick Starnes breaks through

Independent Party of Oregon Patrick Starnes was interviewed by KATU’s Steve Dunn this Sunday.  You’ll likely see a lot more of Mr. Starnes in the media because of the federal Equal Time rule requiring similar media exposure on public airwaves for major party candidates.

Listen to Patrick Talk about

  • Campaign finance reform and how our current lack of any rules and lack of transparency has lead to narrow special interests dominating public policy
  • How His 10 yeas experience on school boards and special education districts has made him a believer in PERS and health care reform as a key part of improving education, and our overall health of every government agency.
  • How transportation problems not only hard urban residents, but suburban and rural residents. It’s a statewide problem
  • And many other subjects

View the Interview here

Mr. Starnes is claiming the mantle of the candidate for small business, a social moderate and reformer. Just what many voters claim to want.

And Mr. Starnes is unlike many third party candidates who lack all experience. He has served in public office longer than Rep. Buehler, but unlike Gov. Brown, he has also run a small business and signed both sides of a paycheck.

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