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How a Republican can win by criticizing Trump

Rep. Knute Buehler this week posted a message on his facebook page calling for an independent investigation of President Trump: As a Republican, I feel a special obligation to speak-out against the actions of the President of my Party – even a candidate I didn’t support. He also revealed that he didn’t vote for Trump […]

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The case for a liberal Republican candidate

While voters may say that we need a moderate third party, they refuse to offer financial support or volunteer for a centrist third party. And they won’t vote for third party candidates when there is a Republican and a Democrat on the ballot for fear of electing their least favorite candidate Without a financial base, […]

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Sightline Institute: Voting Reform Priorities in Oregon: Today’s good long read.

Sightline Institute is an independent, nonprofit research and communications center—a think tank—founded by Alan Durning in 1993. While focusing largely on sustainability, it also has an interest in researching Democracy reforms. Kristin Eberhard is a Senior Researcher with Sightline Institute and lives in Portland.  Ms. Eberhard published the paper “Voting Reform Priorities in Oregon” on […]

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A day in Salem

I spent a day in Salem this week with a group of business people meeting with Democratic and Republican Representatives and Senators, including some leadership, Secretary of State Richardson and the State economist among others. We also met with a top business lobbyist. Here are my bullet points. Everyone we met, with possibly one exception, […]

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wiki hass

Sen. Mark Hass outlines corporate tax reform

Senator Mark Hass and his corporate tax reform work group has released an outline of a gross receipts tax that would replace the current Oregon Corporate tax. The tax rate hasn’t yet been agreed to, but would fall within 0.25% – 1%. Legislative Revenue Officer Paul Warner estimates that after accounting for a loss of […]

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Failed national leadership leads to civic disobedience/sanctuary cities

Americans have a history of engaging in civil disobedience and publicly defying laws that are seen as unjust but which have for some reason proven to be difficult to change through lawful means. Civil disobedience is commonly accepted as honorable so long as protesters remain peaceful and are willing to bear the legal consequences of […]

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