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Predictions: 2017 State Legislature

The Set Up The last estimate of The Oregon State budget deficit was $1.8 Billion. It keeps rising so expect more updward adjustments. The Governors budget proposed a mix of approximately 50% cuts in services and 50% tax increases. With the Public Employee union lead Our Oregon coalitions failure to pass Measure 97, the ORGOP […]

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Blah Blah Blah runs for GOP Chair

Last night Republican Mark Callahan announced he was seeking the Chair of the Oregon Republican Party. His Statement After much thought and prayer, I have decided to put my name in, and run for, Oregon Republican Party State Chairman. The election is on January 28th, 2017, during the Oregon Republican Party State Central Committee Meeting, […]

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Sen. Ted Ferrioli

Wooing i/Independent voters versus battling Dems

Public employee lead Democratic Party affiliated Our Oregon announced this week that it would seek legislation to raise revenue. The proposal is largely along the lines of it’s defeated ballot measure 97. That wasn’t so unexpected. What was interesting was how the respective Republican Caucuses responded. Oregon House Republicans Statement “It says a lot about […]

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New Dem. Senator may shake things up on PERS

When  Lane County Commissioners met to appoint someone to fill departing Senator Chris Edward’s seat in District 7, the smart money was on former State Representative Val Hoyle. Instead the 5 Commissioners voted 3-2 for James Manning over Val Hoyle.  Manning is a U.S. Army veteran and former Eugene Water & Electric Board commissioner, and […]

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Trainwreck Coming, full speed ahead

Oregon faces a budget crisis. The Public Employee Unions leaderships dark money group Our Oregon backed Measure 97, which was a gross receipts tax on large corporations that would have raised over 6 Billion dollars per year. A 30% increase in general funds. It was the most expensive ballot initiative election ever, pitting Oregons business […]

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A Real Timbers Army

Good news for you Timber Army fans who travel up to The Clink in Seattle to watch one of the most heated rivalries in Sports. As you quaff your pints of grog, display no pity and scream out profanity laced chants at the Seattle Sounders and their fans, you can rest assured that no f*****g […]

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The Democratic message to big business

Today at the annual Oregon Leadership Summit Governor Brown and Senate Majority Leader Peter Courtney spoke to Oregon’s business movers and shakers. Their messages, when considered together, was defiance from the Democratic financial base. “You’ve won,” Courtney said, “Smashing, crushing, defeat you’ve handed the other side.” “You’re the ones, it will be you,[to initiate negotiations]” […]

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