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PERS Rates to Increase. Cost of $1 Billion

The PERS Board meets today and will be presented with an actuarial report telling them  that the PERS fund has only 71% of the assets necessary to meet it’s obligations and PERS rates will need to increase from 30%-50% Based on this report, the Board will be setting new employer contribution rates. School Districts could see their […]

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Sunday: Third Party news

Third party candidate interest is at its highest possibly because of voter dissatisfaction with our two main POTUS candidates. Pew Research report shows just how unhappy voters are. How does this impact down ballot races and elections in Oregon? Interesting Editorial on Oregonlive today on how candidates stand on IP28 – now called Ballot Measure […]

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Jim Williams. Former Oregon Elections Director

Did Jim Williams’ resignation have anything to do with his party affiliation?

This morning on OPB Dave Miller was interviewing Oregon GOP Chair Bill Currier. Currier was asked why Oregon was becoming less Republican and what the GOP could do about it. Mr. Currier surprised me when he attributed the shrinking of Oregon Republican Party membership and public support to Democratic behavior. “It’s not safe to be […]

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New Oregon Poll: Governor, IP28, POTUS, Treasurer

New Oregon Polls conducted by icitizen. (Information about icitizen From their website): “The icitizen Oregon Poll provides a non-partisan, representative read of public opinion on pressing legislative and social issues in Oregon. This installment of the Oregon Poll examines November general election matchups, key ballot measures, as well as attitudes towards the state, the economy, […]

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IP 28: Where will the money go?

Debating the economic impact of IP 28 is putting the cart before the horse. If a relative or friend asked you for a loan, what’s the first question you might ask? I’d ask, What’s it for? Because I may be willing to loan, or even give, money to a friend or relative depending on all the […]

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