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Sneak Peek at the Independent Party Ballot and Survey

Starting July 4th, 2016 (Ironically Independence Day) the Independent Party of Oregon will begin  it’s own online presidential preference poll.  In addition, the Party is including it’s annual member survey in conjunction with the Presidential poll. There are three things to note about this poll/survey. The Presidential poll will include Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Libertarian candidate […]

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IP28 (Now M97)means $30 Million more/year for Public employee unions

Updated September 27, 2016. A report released this summer by Northwest Economic Research Center at Portland State University says that if M97 passes and a new Oregon gross receipts tax is assessed against large corporations,  economic output will be reduced, household income will drop, and while private sector will contract by 13,500 jobs, it will produce 33,600 […]

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IPO announces details of Online Pres. vote and Survey

Starting July 4th The Independent Party of Oregon will conduct an online preference poll for President and a survey of  issues that may be incorporated into the Party platform. The Presidential poll will list presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well Independent/Democrat Bernie Sanders, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and […]

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BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 24:  A man passes a mural that has been painted on a derelict building in Stokes Croft showing US presidential hopeful Donald Trump sharing a kiss with former London Mayor Boris Johnson on May 24, 2016 in Bristol, England. Boris Johnson is currently one of the biggest names leading the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union in the referendum which takes place on June 23 and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has also backed a so-called Brexit.  (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Good Friday

Maybe not the BEST if friday’s news and opinion. But some interesting tidbits for independents The Bend Bulletin: Rep. Knute Buehler writes about an historic moment that many  Oregon voters probably missed. The emergence of a third major party in Oregon. “Though the Independent Party’s transition to major party status is historic, the process itself […]

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Oregon Libertarians will be more prominent in Voters Pamphlet

Libertarian Party of Oregon news and updates: June 21, 2016 The recently formed Statements for Liberty PAC will be helping Oregon’s Libertarian candidates get their message in the 2016 General Election Voters’ Pamphlet. Oregon’s elections are conducted by mail, and the state mails the Voters’ Pamphlet to all registered voters in advance of their ballots. […]

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Brown, Courtney, Kotek and IP-28. Negotiations begin?

In the News: The Oregonian reported today that Governor Brown and Senator Courtney held a private weekend meeting. While the substance was kept confidential, Sen. Courtney  inferred that they did discuss IP-28, the Public Employee Union leadership backed  initiative that increases Oregon income tax revenue by 30% through increasing taxes on the largest corporations doing business […]

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A closer look at Motor Voter turnout results

The Bus Project, a Democratic oriented get out the vote organization, is extolling the virtues of Motor Voter based on the primary voting results. Their press releases have  been picked up by national news organizations and the press is including this misleading  graphic. The graphic is false. It purports to show the great success of Oregon […]

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Who will pay for IP 28? Look at the math

From a report of the Oregon Legislative Revenue Office, dated May, 2016. “Initiative Petition 28 proposes a significant change to Oregon’s tax system through a major modification of the state’s corporate minimum tax law. If approved by voters in November, the measure would substantially increase revenue available to the state. Although IP 28 has not […]

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What if Carole Smith Ran Walmart?

If you aren’t you should be shocked and outraged about how Portland Public Schools administration has failed to deal with the known unsafe levels of lead in the drinking water in several Portland Public Schools, and in the response. The Oregonian reported today that in Portland Public Schools, water samples from more than 50 schools […]

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