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Could SoS decision on IPO presidential process hand Oregon to Trump?

Background: Last year, the Independent Party, having reached major party status, notified the Secretary of State that it was opting out of the Presidential election. The IPO is a state based party with no ability to convene a national convention or participate in any other Party’s election. It made no sense to waste taxpayer time […]

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K-Falls voters outraged, plan meetings and indy candidates

Last week, Oregon Outpost reported on the number of incumbent Legislators who had tried to coronate their successor  by tipping off an insider that they weren’t seeking re-election, then  announcing that they were withdrawing from their races minutes before, or even after, the filing deadline. In effect, since no one wants to run against an incumbent […]

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Dorchester Republicans show their conservative credentials

The Dorchester Conference is the annual retreat/convention organized by the Packwood/McCall/Hatfield line Republicans. (In fact the original invitation of 1965 stated that “Far right wingers will be deliberately excluded) Today the Conference is dominated by Republican elected officials and longtime Republican activists. The Dorchester was held in Seaside this past weekend. In a Presidential year, delegates […]

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Whitsetts pull a fast one

Oregon has one of the only Husband / Wife legislature duos. Senator Doug Whitsett (SD-28) and Representative Gail Whitsett (HD-56) represent the Klamath Falls area of Oregon.  A very conservative area. And they really pulled a fast one on the voters of Klamath Falls. Like Democratic Representative Joe Gallegos (HD-30) the Whitsetts had filed for re-election […]

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Both Dem’s and Rep’s pulling Ungers

As it turned out,  the rumor about Joe Gallegos withdrawing from his re-election bid was correct. As of 4:25 PM today, 35 minutes prior to the filing deadline,  Hillsboro School Board Member Janeen Sollman filed to run as a Democrate in HD-30. You can expect Rep. Gallegos to withdraw, leaving Ms. Sollman the only Democratic […]

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Will Dem’s pull an “Unger” in HD-30?

Rumor is that Democratic Rep. Joe Gallegos, HD-30 in Hillsboro, will unfile for re-election and a handpicked successor will file for the seat just prior to the filing deadline today. Washington County Democrats engineered a similar succession in 2014 when Rep. Ben Unger withdrew at 4:55 PM on filing deadline day and current Rep. Susan […]

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Independent Party Wants a “Top One” Presidential Primary

Independent Party asks Oregon Secretary of State to include all Presidential candidates on May Primary ballot A Top One Independent Nomination for President In what would become a first of it’s kind  independent voter only “top one” primary, the Independent Party has requested Oregon’s Secretary of State to include all current Republican and Democratic Candidates, […]

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