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A Must read: Oregon DEQ Fails in protecting public health

This is important. An Oregonlive editorial guest opinion by Dave Einolf,  the managing director of Endeavour EHS, LLC, in Portland.  Mr. Einolf served as chair of the Oregon chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association from 2013-2015. A lack of technical expertise, or even scientific curiosity, has doomed Oregon DEQ and created significant gaps in compliance, […]

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Campaign Finanace Reform dead in Oregon?

While Democratic Presidential candidates highlight the undemocratic power of money in politics, how dark money and super PAC spending has rigged the system and made the opinions of average voters irrelevant, Oregon Democrats have killed campaign finance reform and protected the legacy of Citizens United and the power of unions, corporations and the top 1% […]

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IPO new

How the IPO is promoting independent locally supported candidates

A previous article on Oregon Outpost countered the Democratic and Republican insider criticism that the Independent Party wasn’t a real Party because it didn’t have a long detailed Platform like they did. We argued that the IPO was not a traditional old fashioned party of insiders, identity politics, wedge issues and donors who controlled legislation. And […]

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Breaking: Less than 5% of new Oregon voters registering Democratic!

The first Motor Voter statistics are out and in a stunning turn of events, only 4.8% of new Motor Voters are registering with the Democratic Party. If the trend continues, the Democratic Party of Oregon will be relegated to minor party status. Follow this link for a summary of Motor Voter registration data. OMV_MonthlyReport_Template_2016-02-02 But […]

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