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Has Oregon’s Budget exploded? Not as much as you may think

When people talk about Oregon’s “budget” they are generally talking about Oregon’s General fund Lottery fund budget. That’s the budget the State Legislature votes on and adopts every two years, and includes education, public safety and most human services expenses.  (The General Budget is not to be confused with the all funds budget, which includes […]

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Ranked Choice Voting proposal likely going to Maine’s November ballot: VIDEO

A citizen-initiated ballot question that would change how Mainers elect their governors, members of congress and state lawmakers reached a milestone in November. The Committee for Ranked Choice Voting said that the Maine Secretary of State has certified the committee’s  signatures.  Under Maine law, Now that the petitions have been certified, the Legislature could simply […]

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Voter Registration Trends: 11/14 – 11/15

A One year review of voter registration trends, from November, 2014 through November 2015.  Our first since the Independent Party of Oregon reached major party status in August, 2015. (Minor party and “other” voters not included. So total gain and loss columns  will not match, and percentages will not equal 100%) Thoughts: The Top Two: […]

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The coming Oregon DOE scandal: Bigger than Hayes/Kitzhaber

The scandal is exploding. For several months, information has dribbled out about how Oregon’s Department of Energy ignored the regulations regarding the resale of BETC tax credits. Now, in a Oregon GOP leaders have sent letters to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, the state’s U.S. attorney, the FBI, the IRS and Marion County District Attorney Walter […]

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Concern for money in elections crosses partisan lines

From Pew Research today “Americans of different political persuasions may not agree on much, but one thing they do agree on is that money has a greater – and mostly negative – influence on politics than ever before. Among liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, large majorities favor limits on campaign spending and say the high cost of […]

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HD43 and an “Independent Democrat” strategy

When Sen. Chip Shields (SD22-Portland) announced he wasn’t running for re-election and Rep. Lou Frederick (HD43-Portland) announced his intent to run for that seat, Frederick’s seat became in play.  In a city with may more ambitious Democrats than available positions we may expect several candidates in the May primary. HD43 is 61% Democratic  and 5% […]

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