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HD-23: Is Rep. Nearman in Trouble?

With gerrymandering largely pre determining most legislative races, and Statewide contests at this point a foregone conclusion, the most interesting race may end up being Oregon House District 23. In 2014 Mike Nearman won a nasty primary battle to unseat incumbent Jim Thompson in HD-23 and is now being challenged in the 2016 primary himself. […]

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#Hashtag-gate: Oregon Titan Fusion Center

The title of this article will likely be read by folks at the Oregon Titan Fusion Center before you finish this sentence. The Center is located in Salem and consists of several cooperating agencies, including the Oregon Department of Justice. This is from the Oregon Titan Fusion Center website: What is a Fusion Center? A […]

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Denis Therault reported yesterday in the Oregonian that the Oregon Department of Justice has been using an “online search tool” to “investigate” people who use various hashtags, including #BlackLivesMatter. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum told the Oregonian that the “investigation” was part of threat assessment work to turn up potential police threats.  The “investigation” ended up identifying tweets […]

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public eintegrity

Oregon gets an “F” for integrity

Oregon ranks 44th in overall integrity and a miserable 49th in integrity in political financing in a new study published by the liberal Center for Public Integrity. Oregon’s highest rating came in the category of Electoral Oversight where it rated 11th best among all states. The Kitzhaber scandal was seen by the study’s authors as a […]

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Taxing the poor and the minimum wage

So you think that we need to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 hour and anything less isn’t adequate because people deserve the dignity of a living wage. Fair enough. Then  why does the State impose substantial Oregon income taxes on  the working poor? This from the Oregon Center for Public Policy: “Because income taxes are […]

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Cousineau to challenge Doherty in HD-35

November 6, 2015 Jessica Cousineau is the newest Independent Party candidate for the Oregon Legislature, announcing today that she will seek the IPO nomination in Oregon House District 35 (Tigard). Cousineau is active on a number of community and non-profit boards and cited that her reason for entering the race were  “headlines about Oregon’s failing […]

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Only 38% of all voters are Democrats. Yet they dominate State politics.

Why Allen Alley won’t run for Governor

Will Allen Alley run for Governor in 2016? Here are the reasons he won’t. Oregon GOP is a distinct minority today: Running for a statewide office in Oregon as a Republican is already an uphill battle. T he GOP now makes up just 30% of the voting population. Democrats are at 38%. NAV and Independent […]

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