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Here’s How Bernie gets on Oregon’s November ballot

Senator Bernie Sanders is getting traction nationwide on his progressive paradigm changing message. And here in Oregon it’s no exception. But he faces the daunting post Citizens United task of facing the well funded and broadly supported Clinton campaign for the Democratic nomination. But while Clinton is the prohibitive favorite to get the Democratic nomination, if […]

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quiet people

We can have a semi open primary in Oregon

July 23, 2015 As of today Non affiliated voters in Oregon will be able to participate in the partisan May primary election. But thats ONLY because the Independent Party of Oregon is about 200 members above the major party threshold. And that could change quickly. While the Democratic and Republican parties have opposed laws that […]

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Feel like a Republican in a Democratic body? You may be Transpartisan

I was putting together one article, and stumbled on this topic instead. And I think it describes beautifully what the Independent Party is attempting to bring to the political table. The term “Transpartisanship” has emerged to provide a meaningful alternative to “Bipartisanship,” and “Nonpartisanship.” Bipartisanship limits the dialogue process to two political viewpoints or entities, […]

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Healthy Democracy

Oregon get a D- on money and political influence

From the Non profit political reform site “The Health of State Democracies” “The U.S. Constitution guarantees certain rights and privileges within our democracy. In practice, however, the extent to which citizens experience the robust benefits of a truly democratic society is too often determined by decisions made at the state level—through legislation, executive or administrative […]

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New Trump Party to Form?

The Oregon-onion reported today that in response to Donald Trump’s hint that he may run an independent  or third party campaign for President, the Independent Party of Oregon’s leadership filed a petition to establish a new minor party in Oregon. Naming it the Awesomely  Sumptuous Stupendously Historical Opulently  Luxurious Ever  – or ASSHOLE – Party […]

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And the pads come off

July 10, 2015 is a startup online news site. Every Friday they publish a who’s hot and who’s not column by Douglas Fasching. In todays column Senator Richard Devlin is skewered as a “not hot” because Devlin has signaled his intent to run for Secretary of State and: “The speculation is that he is […]

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Gun control Group jumps into recall efforts

July 8th, 2015 On Blue Oregon today two display ads caught my attention. The first was for Representative Susan McLain (D-Hillsboro) the second for Senator Chuck Riley (D-Hillsboro). Both ads were paid for by a group called “Oregon Democracy Fund” both thanked these two electeds for their support for education. Odd I thought. I clicked […]

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