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Aging elephants

The Outpost has been quiet while I visit Thailand. I just toured the non profit Elephant Nature Park where older elephants are acquired after they’re no longer useful to their owners as working animals. Here they retire and live out the rest of their lives in peace. Many are over 60 years old. Many “retired” As […]

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Betsy rolled by Devlin on election reform task force

June 19, 2015 HB 3500 – is the symbol of the fight  independent voters have been waging for respect. We’ve written about its real and symbolic importance to election reform before. The most current plot twist involves Sen. Betsy Johnson and Sen. Richard Devlin. Some Election Reform Background HB 3500 had it’s genesis pre session when […]

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Oregon Senate R’s find Withdrawal method ineffective

June 19, 2015 For those Democratic voters who are still under the illusion that their party is the anti corruption party and that the leadership supports election and campaign finance reforms, explain this please. On June 17,  3  Republican sponsored ethic reform bills were dead in Democratically controlled committees. So the Republican sponsors had them […]

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Is the State the Union of last resort?

This year’s legislature has been good to lower paid workers. Sick leave? check. Enhanced retirement options for workers who don’t have retirement plan through work? Almost check. And now Democratic House leaders are introducing a bill that will increase the minimum wage incrementally to $13.00 hour by 2018. (inevitable check) And lets not forget the Affordable Care […]

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Did you hear?

Not so Meek: With a recent poll showing overwhelming concern about campaign contributions and spending, Senate Joint Resolution 5 (Amending the Oregon constitution to pave the way for contribution limits) seems to be a no brained in a Democratically controlled Legislature.  Particularly since it was drafted and introduced by now Gov. Kate Brown herself. But […]

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