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How open data could transform government

April 29th, 2015 A new report prepared by the Pew Research Center in partnership with the John S. and James L Knight Foundation explains how we are shifting from an ‘e-Gov 1.0″ to ” Data-Gov 2.0″. We’re going from simply finding information such as park hours or addresses of government offices online, to accessing public […]

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6 Questions Pacific Green Party

6 Questions for the Pacific Green Party

Q) Democrats, Republicans and perhaps even Libertarians, have a well know message and identity with voters. How would you introduce Greens to an Oregon Voter? A) The Pacific Green Party is very successful at the local level in Oregon and, whether people realize it or not, has been setting the political agenda for the State. Greens […]

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Total Recall.1

You May Not Remember Me, But I Recall You

April 17th, 2015 Three recall efforts against Oregon State Legislators were announced this week. The recall was prompted by the Legislators’ support of SB 941 which requires background checks for all private gun sales in Oregon. A Hillsboro man, Benjamin Busch, claimed to have submitted recall petitions against Rep. Susan McLain (D-HD 29-Hillsboro) and Sen. […]

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Should teachers be allowed to strike?

Banning Teacher Strikes may be good for students and teachers

One interesting tidbit that was revealed in the Kitzhaber emails was his plan to strip teacher of their ability to strike. This isn’t as far out or outrageous as some may think. 38 States and the District of Columbia ban teacher strikes. Only 12 states allow teachers to go on strike. They include: Alaska, California, Colorado, […]

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Will Val Hoyles bill eliminate open primaries?

April 8th, 2015 The House Rule committee is holding a hearing today on Rep. Val Hoyle’s primary election same day registration bill for major parties. (HB3500). Some people erroneously refer to HB3500 as an “Open Primary Bill”. It does not create an open primary. All it does is allow non affiliated voters (NAVs) to register […]

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National Motor Voter law conflicts with Oregon Motor Law.

How Motor Voter could stall

In 1993 the federal government passed the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The Act includes a Motor Voter provision requiring that: “each State shall establish procedures to register to vote in elections for Federal office …by application made simultaneously with an application for a motor vehicle driver’s license” Oregon’s law previously contained the following […]

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