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Could top Dem. consultants be shut out in 2016?

Is Nigel Jaquiss holding gigabytes of Kitzhaber administration emails and sorting the data into “articles to come”? That’s what an inside source suspects.  And it’s why the source speculates that the top political consultants and operatives inside the former Kitzhaber administration will have a difficult time landing any of the plum political gigs in 2016. From […]

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Oregon Redistricting Reform and Corporate Money in Politics

Political Reform up for Public Discussion in Salem

  Two important political reform items are up for comment at a public hearing in the Oregon Legislature. House Joint Resolution 29 Oregon House members Knute Buehler (R – Bend) and John Davis (R- Wilsonville) are the Chief Sponsors of House Joint Resolution 29. If approved it creates a non-partisan Independent Redistricting Commission to adopt […]

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NAV’s offered same day voter registration. As long as they want to join a major party

March 19th, 2015 Rep. Val Hoyle, a presumptive candidate for Oregon Secretary of State in 2016, dropped HB 3500 today in Salem. This is the “primary reform” based on the New Hampshire model that was hinted at by the Democrats during the Measure 90 election in November, 2014. It is the Democratic version of primary […]

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Upcoming Events for Oregon Political Parties

Upcoming Events for Oregon Politics Parties

A look at upcoming political meetups and events for Oregon’s Political Parties. Independent Party of Oregon Events: Multnomah County Chapter When: Meetup will be on Tuesday, March 24th, 7 pm Where: Chik-n-Fill.  The address is 5215 N Lombard St, Portland, OR. Link: Multnomah County IPO page. Marion County Chapter When/Where: No meeting dates/times yet […]

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Will Oregon Tea Party Embrace Rooftop Solar Power

Tea Party Embraces Solar Power

Tea Party groups in the Southeast and Mid-West U.S.  have embraced rooftop solar power. Calling it an energy independence issue that breaks up a government controlled monopoly. But will Tea Party support for solar energy reach Oregon? The solar industry in Oregon has suffered setbacks lately due to scandals. Though the scandal plagued solar projects here in Oregon […]

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Optional Background Checks with Responsibility

March 17th, 2015 Gun control is the issue of the week in Salem. Some background: Firearms dealers already do background checks through the Firearms Instant Check System here in Oregon. But many firearm transactions don’t require background checks on buyers. Private sales aren’t covered by current Oregon law, so online sales, or sales between non dealers […]

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The Battle for the Or GOP

March 14th, 2015 While GOP leaders beg for unity, the battle in the Oregon GOP continues to escalate. It’s no secret and it belabors the point made countless times over the past 20 years. The Oregon GOP struggles with two powerful coalitions. Traditional Oregon Republican supporters consisting of main street businesspersons, traded sector business, and […]

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Mark Frohnmayer- Democracy Reform Activist

Mark Frohnmayer on Money in Politics

March 11, 2015 The Independent Voters Network website published an article featuring prominent millennial Democracy reform advocate Mark Frohnmayer yesterday. Frohnmayer, who was a leader of the Measure 90 campaign last fall, reflected on his  experience and concluded that: A top two election isn’t really the answer to what ails our democracy. It’s all about […]

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