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Independent Caucus meets in The State Capital

February 24th, 2015 In another first for the Independent Party, IPO cross nominee Rep. Knute Buehler (R-Bend) convened an Independent caucus in the State capital yesterday. The 12 Attendees had received the cross nomination of the Independent Party and included both Democrats and Republicans, and members of both the house and Senate. The attendees agreed […]

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Jan. 2015 Oregon Voter registration #s. IPO has more members than previously reported by SoS

February 19th, 2015 Today the Oregon Secretary of States office released it’s January, 2015 Voter registration report showing the IPO had 109,104 members. Exceeding the 5% major party threshold by 366 members. Interestingly, It was on February 9th, that the Secretary of State office verified that the Independent Party of Oregon had reached major party status […]

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IPO announces caucus meeting

Today the Independent Party of Oregon announced that there will be an IPO nominee  caucus meeting For House members on Monday February 23rd, at the State Capital Building. The presser from IPO Secretary Sal Peralta stated: This coming Monday, we will hold the first meeting of our legislative caucus (nominees) to review what bills the […]

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(Deputy?) Secretary of State Robert Taylor

Is this our new Secretary of State?

UPDATED: February 18th, 2015 11:31 AM Blue Oregon today posted an article about newly sworn in Governor Kate Brown. In the comments section Sal Peralta posted a very interesting question. Under Article V, Section 8(a), [ of the Oregon State Constitution] the Secretary of State has the authority to appoint the next Secretary. If there […]

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Photographer : Monster Menon

Predictions: I See……

Like any good fortune teller, predictions need to have conditions attached. The better to claim that your prediction was in fact accurate, even if wrong. “Well, I said the Seahawks would win, IF they could avoid turnovers in the red zone” It looks like the Oregon State Secretary of State vacancy could be down to […]

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Resignation now: Wouldn’t be prudent

February 12th, 2015 Governor Kitzhaber’s apparent reversal of his decision to resign (as reported by the Willamette Week) doesn’t mean he won’t resign. It means he listened to wise counsel of his lawyer. I suspect the Governor had simply had it with the accusations and stress on himself and his family. He likely feels he […]

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Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown

Kate Brown comes with Scandal Preinstalled

She could be Governor any day now and comes with her own scandal. Courtesy of Comcast. Willamette Weekly reports that Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown has cut short her trip to D.C. and is heading back to Oregon. If Governor Kitzhaber were to resign from office, she would be his replacement. Her unexpected return […]

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