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Oregon Motor Voter registraton

Motor Voter; under the headlines

January 30th, 2015 Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown is again backing legislation that would automatically register as voters most people who have contact with the Department of Motor Vehicles. HB 2177 is also known as the Motor Voter Bill. The legislative counsel summary states in part: Directs Department of Transportation to provide Secretary of […]

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Are Oregon Progressives Still a Oregon?

Are Progressives no longer a force in Oregon (and the Oregon Democratic Party?)

  Despite what you may see on Portlandia, it sure doesn’t seem like Oregon politics is all that progressive lately. An unending stream of corruption related news regarding Governor Kitzhaber and his fiance only add to the perception that perhaps Progressives in Oregon are “Over!”. A quick rundown of some of the less than progressive […]

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Rep. Julie Parrish - Oregon House of Representatives

Oregon House Rep. Julie Parrish introduces slate of political reform bills

Rep Parrish introduced a slate of bills this legislative session designed to improve elections in Oregon. There are five bills in all and cover issues ranging from inactive voters to increased fines for false statements make by candidates or political committees. Unfortunately, the bills are either currently in or on their way to the House […]

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Batman Slaps Robing MEME - Peter Courtney Oregon Senate

Is Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney throwing a hissy fit?

Seems that Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney is feeling a little left out on the transportation funding issue taking shape in the Oregon Legislature. In series of interviews with Oregon media over the last two weeks he has tried to put the brakes on an something that was slated to be a top priority for […]

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Lobbyist Influence Grows in Washington D.C.

Registered Lobbyists get seat on Trade Committees

Guess the Fortune 500 companies and big trade groups got tired of sending actual employees to attend Dept of Commerce advisory committee meetings. Instead they figured, “We’ll just send our lobbyists!”. The International Trade Advisory Committee, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, recently published an amendment to their request for nominations to the committee. […]

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blood pressure

Socializing the cost of business: Part II

January 20, 2015 In their rush to undermine the Affordable Care Act, Republicans in Congress are issuing an invitation to businesses to shift their labor costs to all taxpayers. It’s a twofer for the GOP. But it costs taxpayers $53 Billion, increasing the deficit and debt, and  expanding Obamacare by up to 1 million patients. […]

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Oregon Minor Party Political Events

Oregon Greens, Libertarians and others plan 2015 Events

We rounded up links and details on events being held by Oregon’s minor, but still important, political parties. The Pacific Green Party is holding their Winter Convention this January 24th at the Westminster House  from 10am until 4pm at 101 NW 23rd Street in Corvallis. You can check the Pacific Green Party online calendar for their […]

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A real choice in 2016

Lets have a real election in 2016

January 12th, 2015 It’s starting to seem like the media and Democratic and Republican Parties are starting to understand the paradigm shift occurring.  With Republicans now starting to talk about wage equity and the middle class and O’bama proposing that the US instate more progressive tax rates. What’s caused it? I’d argue it’s the growth […]

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