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Mandate Schmandate

You don’t get to pick your own mandate after an election.      Oregon bucked the national trend in the 2014 elections. While almost every other state experienced Republican gains in their Statehouses, Oregon’s became more Democratic.   Over on the premier Democratic blog Blue Oregon, Kari Chisholm, one of the smartest and pragmatic political […]

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Oregon Republican Greg "Wall St" Walden

Republican Walden votes yes on Wall St. Giveaway

Republican Greg Walden was the only member of Oregon’s Congressional delegation to vote for the spending bill known as “Cromnibus”. The “Cromnibus” government funding bill universally reviled by Democrats and Republicans for it’s huge give away to Wall St. Well reviled by the quickly dwindling amount of people who will still identify themselves as Democrat […]

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Golden Ticket - Independent Party of Oregon Nears Major Party Status

IPO only 292 members away from major party status

December 11, 2014 The Oregon Secretary of States office released the  November voter registration totals today.  While total registrations shrank by 0.12%, The Independent Party grew by over a half a percent in a single month and now has 108,446 members.  Democratic Party membership shrank twice as fast as overall voter reduction at 0.25% and […]

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Guest Post from Move to Amend

Move to Amend Opposes Unlimited Election Spending

By: Charlie Montgomery, December 2014 Move to Amend (MTA) advocates ratification of an amendment to the United States Constitution which would enable legislative (as opposed to judicial) control of money spent to influence elections. There are two provisions in the proposed amendment: Corporations are not People and Money is not Speech. Through the activism of […]

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A primer on primaries

A nice overview of primaries, voting reform and election reform. By Aaron Hamlin, Executive Director of the Center for Election Science: The U.S. is an oddball in many of the ways it conducts elections. You’ll find that its peculiarities have carryover effects throughout the political system. And U.S. primaries certainly fall in this oddball category. […]

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retire rich

Want to earn rate of return on retirement like a hedge fund manager?

Dec 5th, 2014 Last session at Ted Wheeler’s request Democratic House members introduced HB 3436 which would have established  a State operated  retirement savings investment program for every Oregonian. Not mandatory, just an option. It didn’t go anywhere. In a December 5th Oregon Catalyst post, Sen. Doug Whitsett warned liberty loving Oregonians that the Democrats were […]

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Approval Voting to Select the “Best” News Source

This article was originally published December 1, 2014. It seems particularly relevant today, after a the election of Donald Trump. (Edited for relevance). The Strategic Decision: In early 2014, as a group of election reformers were strategizing on their best chances to change our voting system they made  a critical decision. Mark Frohnmayer, one of the […]

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