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Independents Rising

  October Voter Registration Statistics were released today. And we look at two periods for analysis: 1.     A one month period. This would show how new voters are registering, how they feel right around election time after having been inundated by commercials for several months. 2.    A twelve month period from October […]

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Oregon GOP breaks up with Oregon swing voters: “It’s not me, it’s you”

From Oregon Catalyst to the comments sections of the various popular blogs, the Oregon GOP Faithful are analyzing why they lost virtually every swing seat in Oregon while the rest of the Country had a red wave. Their conclusion?   Oregon voters who are to blame for the bluing of Oregon. Some argue that too […]

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Our Upset pick – Ken Moore HD-24

House District 24 pits Republican incumbent JimWeidner and Democratic candidate Ken Moore. Ken Moore is a great Democratic candidate for this conservative district. And word is he has run a great ground game (kudos to Field Manager Jillian Johnsen) and a smart tactical campaign by timing a late push to lull the Republicans into overconfidence. […]

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Harmon JOhnson

Former Kitzhaber aid who blasted Administration has backup

In today’s Oregonian former Kitzhaber communication director Nkenge Harmon Johnson exposed more bad conduct and decision making  inside the Kitzhaber  administration. While the speculation and counter attacks from the Kitzhaber supporters and Democratic operatives will be fierce, Harmon Johnson has plenty of backup because Harmon Johnson is married to Erious Johnson, who happens to be […]

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