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WFP nods.3

Working Families Party nominates Independents

Independent Party or Oregon candidates Chuck Lee (HD-25) and Andrew Kaza (SD-16)  received nominations and Sal Peralta got the endorsement for the non partisan County Commissioner seat in Yamhill County from the Working Families Party of Oregon it was announced last week. Independent Chuck Lee has also received the nomination of the Democratic Party of […]

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Johson stiffed

Betsy Johnson Stiffed by Working Families Party.

  The Working Families Party today announced their list of nominees. And while their nominee list is populated by Democrats, the big news is that the WFP nominated Drew Kaza- nominee of the Independent Party of Oregon-  passing on Democratic political powerhouse Sen. Betsy Johnson in Senate District 16. Sen. Johnson won both the Democratic […]

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pew image

Take the independent voter quiz

Independent voters and IPO members! Are you a Steadfast Conservative? A Solid Liberal? Or somewhere in between? Take our quiz to find out which one of the eight Political Typology groups is your best match, compared with the rest of our readers– and the U.S. as a whole!  We’ve customized a political typology test using […]

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Voter Registration Changes: July 2013 – July 2014

Haven’t done a 12 month review of voter registration patters and trends in a while, and given the Secretary of States recent hiccups compiling voter registration statistics for July, I think it’s important to remember and review the longer term trends rather than focusing on a single month. Total voter registration went down during this […]

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the oreginoan

Oregonian to endorse top two? Seems So.

Seems pretty clear that the Oregonian telegraphed it’s endorsement of the top two primary. In an editorial today the Oregonian laid out it’s timeline for endorsements. First ballot measures, then contested races. The first ballot measure they will consider is Ballot measure 90, the top two primary. It then laid out it’s intent to have […]

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Kevin Talbert

Meet Kevin Talbert

Independent Party nominee for Jackson County Board of Commissioners When no Democrat  ran in the May primary for Jackson County Commissioner, Republican Colleen Roberts won not only the Republican nomination, but the Democratic nomination as a write in candidate. Meaning that it appeared Jackson County residents would have a single candidate on their ballot in […]

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