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Ben Unger and Our Oregon Oppose Campaign Finance Reform

Ben Unger Opposes “We the People” Initiative

Ben Unger, Executive Director of  Our Oregon has come out against the“Oregon We the People” initiative, which is Oregon’s version of Move to Amend, and against the right of Oregon voters to petition for a federal Constitutional Amendment that would provide that corporations are not people and money is not speech. The initiative asks for […]

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Rebuilding Oregon Republicanism?

By Sal Peralta – This summer, Republican candidates won convincing majorities in the Independent Party of Oregon’s 2014 primary election and member survey, going 8-1-1 in contested races against Democrats.   The candidates who participated and the volunteers and groups that helped them should be proud of the work that they did in this election. We […]

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IPO posts on Blue Oregon about cross partisanship

An article co-authored by IPO Secretary Sal Peralta and Oregon Outpost co-editor Rob Harris was posted on Blue Oregon today. It points out that while the Republicans dominated the IPO primary, the voter survey showed broad support for many policies that are considered progressive. A key finding.  Dennis Richardson voters supported the following policies by […]

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Councilor Beth Jones

Beth Jones Declines IPO Nomination

A few hours after Beth Jones was announced as the winner of the Independent Party of Oregon nomination for Oregon House District 23, she informed the IPO that she was declining the Party’s nomination. Another casualty of Mike Nearman’s tea party alliance hardball tactics? Jones specifically sought the IPO nomination after Nearman defeated Republican incumbent […]

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we the people featured

IPO primary results: Republicans dominate

The Independent Party of Oregon today released the results of it’s primary. In the Governors race, Dennis Richardson won 62% of the vote to John Kitzhaber’s 38% Likewise, Republicans won every race where they competed head to head with the Democratic nominee. However, due to a glitch in the voting process, House District 30 and […]

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Gov. Race

Kitzhaber in Trouble?

Dennis Richardson’s chances to capture the Governors seat  may be underestimated by too many people. Including some from his own party. In 2010 John Kitzhaber beat the untested Chris Dudley by a mere 49.3% to 47.8%. Only about 22,000 votes separated them, with the Libertarian and Constitution Party candidates earning about 40,000 votes between them. […]

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What’s Dr. Wehby’s $ game?

Cut out the middlemen. Access Dr. Wehby’s and Sen. Merkley’s second quarter fundraising reports (Due July 15th) – FEC Link In the Citizens United age of unlimited campaign pending by Mad Max “independent” political organizations, campaign contributions to an official candidate committee are still a very good indication of a candidates chance of success. Sort […]

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What happens when two Republicans advance in a top two primary?

Critics of Oregon’s proposed top two open primary say one weakness is that in some districts the top two who advance to the general election may be from the same party.   A report from the Independent Voter Network, takes a look at California Senate District 28, where two Republicans advanced onto the November general election. […]

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Want Open Primaries? Drop Party Affiliation

You want Open Primaries? Drop Party Affiliation The premise is pretty straightforward. You want open primaries that allow all voters to participate? You don’t need , complicated ballot initiatives, you just need to drop the unnecessary state regulation requiring voters to select a political party affiliation when registering. That one minor change to state voter […]

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