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IPO Chuck Lee endorsed by Republican Rep. Vicki Berger

In a major coup, outgoing Republican Representative Vicki Berger (HD-20) has endorsed the Independent Party of Oregon candidate Chuck Lee in his Oregon HD-25 race. Lee will likely face Republican Bill Post in Novembers general election. The complete email: Colleagues During my time in the legislature, I worked with legislators and members of the lobby […]

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Wehby v Merkley

Another bad week for Wehby

Oregon Senate Republican candidate Dr. Monica Wehby has had another bad bad week. The election is still four and a half months away and to be fair people aren’t paying a lot of attention and the real campaigning starts after labor day. Still,  this week was a doozy.   She terminated her campaign manager And […]

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Independent Party of Oregon to Mail Voter Pamphlets to 100k members

IPO approved candidates received an email from the party informing them of the IPO’s  intent to mail a voters pamphlet to all 100,000 IPO members as part of the IPO 2014 primary election. That Independent Party of Oregon voters pamphlet won’t only reach 100,000  IPO voters, but all voters in  households where an IPO member […]

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Independent Party of Oregon Announces First Round of Primary Candidates

After a long caucus meeting last night, the Independent Party of Oregon announced the first round of candidates who will appear on it’s primary ballot this summer. The IPO received  requests from 62 candidates to be included in it’s primary election and approved 18 to appear on it’s primary ballot. Prospective candidates included Republicans, Democrats, […]

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Pew Research: The super partisanship of the Democratic and Republican Bases

A Pew Research study released yesterday verifies the growing partisanship and antipathy between the Republican base and the Democratic base. The results, while expected based on our own observations, spell out how the party leaders have succeeded in convincing their members that anything other than a straight party line vote is potentially fatal to our […]

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A blanket primary for the IPO this summer?

Should the Independent Party of Oregon Open it’s Primary?

Democracy reform continues to gain momentum. Fixing the process in a way that empowers voters, not donors, is gaining grassroots momentum. Mainstream media is publishing more articles about primary reforms. But there is one way to have an open primary for all Oregon’s  independent voters who were  shut out of the State sponsored and paid […]

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