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Holy Smoke! There’s fire: Monica Wehby

I admit it. I read the Andrew Miller generated police report about Dr. Monica Wehby and thought. Whatever. She used bad judgement by entering Millers home, but it wasn’t stalking. And I still hold to that opinion. Then in todays Oregonian are two  more  reported 911 incidents. One about an incident regarding her possibly using a […]

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The Two Oregon GOP Senate Primaries

When primary voting started May 4th, Dr. Monica Wehby had it all. The money, the stars, the national glamour, the endorsements from the main stream media. The money. According to her own polling, she was overwhelmingly the choice of Republican voters. Using that polling, your could  estimate that Wehby would win over Conger with 57%, […]

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What is the point of a primary election

What is the Primary Purpose of a Primary Election?

Political parties don’t want open/blanket primaries because they only want party members to chose who gets their parties endorsement. A defensible position Minor party members don’t want open/blanket primaries  because it shuts their candidates out of general election races, when they have a better chance of getting some attention. Again, makes sense. But with the […]

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Monica Wehby: Nothing to See Here

– As a former Deputy District Attorney for Washington County, Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge and Defense attorney with 28 years of experience, Robert Harris has read thousands of police reports and tried hundreds of cases – I’m not a Monica Wehby supporter. But the Politico report yesterday that there was a Portland Police report of an incident between […]

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IPO candidate Chuck Lee leads in money: HD 25

While Republican primary contestants have raised more  money (Cash contributions are; Republicans Bill Post – $58,829 and Barbara Jensen $73,450, Independent Chuck Lee $25,960), It’s Independent Party candidate Chuck Lee who has more cash on hand as of May 13th, 2014. While Post, the tea party/House Republican Leadership candidate, and  the moderate/business establishment candidate Jensen, […]

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[Opinion]Instead of Subsidizing Google Fiber in PDX, What About This?

An Alternative to Subsidies Several Portland City Commissioners have proposed using city funds to subsidize internet access. But what if instead of another subsidy program for communities in need, we instead align business goals with community needs in a way that will be a benefit to everyone. We should instead give these communities with the […]

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Dr v Dr

Opinion: Why Richardson can’t win

This article previously appeared on May 14th, 2014. As our readership has soared over the past month, we are republishing a few select articles that are still relevant and  that new readers may have missed  In poll after poll, Oregon voters identify the economy and jobs as the most important issues to Oregon voters.  And […]

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