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Why Conger Should beat Wehby

Earlier this week I pointed how the underfunded, under-covered, under rated Rep. Jason Conger could beat Dr. Monica Wehby in the Republican May primary race for Oregon Senator. But why should he win it? Why should Republican voters tick his box? The reason is, a Conger nomination helps the Oregon GOP, while a Wehby nomination […]

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How Conger can beat Wehby

It’s eight weeks before the Republican Primary, and while it looks like Dr. Monica Wehby is the favorite to win the Republican nomination for US Senator, Jason Conger does have a path to victory. Henry Olsen, a Fellow at the conservative think tank the  Ethics and Public Policy Center, describes in The National Interest the […]

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march madness

Top Four: Election reform

March Madness is here, and I’m looking at my bracket. (I’ve got Florida to win it. So as of today, I’m still good). So, lets consider election reform that also aims at narrowing our top choices down to a Final Four – the Top Four primary election method. As explained at     Top Four is […]

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Ryan Howard jumps to Senate race

Newberg City Councilor Ryan Howard  announced earlier this year that he was running for HD-25 after Rep. Kim Thatcher, who now holds that seat, decided to run for Senate Distrcit 13. Today Howard  jumped from the House race and filed for Senate District 13, setting up an eventual contest with Thatcher. SD-13 has a Republican […]

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Political Polarization is a two way street

Accordingp to the non partisan Pew Research Center report, the Democratic Party is getting more liberal. With the increased conservativism of the Republican it’s no wonder there is a seeming  inability of  Democratic and Republican Party elected officials to work together. And, it may partially explain why both Democratic and Republican Parties in Oregon continue […]

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Voter Reg. Trends

Oregon GOP voters fewer than non major party voters

For the first time ever in Oregon  as of February 28, 2014, a major party (Republican) has fewer registered members (657,794) than the total number of  non major party voters in Oregon (659,233). Previously referred to as the “Political Mendoza Line”. The question about State financing  the nominating process of  private political clubs, when voters shut out […]

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Joe Dread

IMO: Marijuana’s Chronic Problem

I’m for legalizing marijuana. Law enforcement costs to restrain personal use  are not an effective use of taxpayer money and I would like to cut off funding for the horribly cruel drug gangs that profit from the marijuana trade. But don’t think for an instant that makes unfettered recreational use of pot a good thing. It’s not […]

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